What Does My Name Mean?


Have you heard of expressions like It's all in the name? Or, it's all in the numbers?
Well, this couldn't ring more true. Looking at science, astrology, and even ancient calendars can prove this. Names and the numbers associated with them can bring a lot
into light about ourselves.


I want you to think of an onion, yes an onion. Have you ever really noticed the several
layers within an onion? That is what each of us are. Layers. We are not just hair, skin or nails, we aren't just a color, we have our own personalities, and so much more.

Is there a system that can uncover the meaning of names?

Indeed there is. Name numerology is a scientific based way to discover who you really
are and what you're meant to do in life. You see each letter in your name carries a numerical value. When these are calculated it can reveal so much it will astonish you and in some it will make perfect sense right off the bat. Arming yourself with such
powerful knowledge can open up a whole new path that can create a more joyous and desirable journey for you.

How can my name change many aspects of my life?

By unlocking the mysteries that may be laying deep within your layers you can discover

*What your true inner/outer strengths are
*Learn more about your relationships
*How you personally should handle your finances
*What your weaknesses may be in all of these areas.
*Are you with the right person? All of these lessons can be learned
simply from your name reading.

Trust me when I say if this goes back as far as ancient times and modern science uses
these calculations this is something you want to dig deeper into. Simply get to a
computer and type in "what does my name mean?" And you my friend will soon find out. Keep an opened mind and then simply enjoy learning about the true you.