What Does my Name, James, Mean?



What does my name, James, mean?

The name James is an English version of the Latin name Lacomus. It is said that the name James can be used to describe a creative and outgoing person. It has also been used to describe someone that is courageous, honest, original, and determined. It is also the English version of Jacob. There are 76 variations of the name James, and a female version could be Jamie.

The Shakespearian connotation of James is king. The name also means one who follows. People with that name tend to be great at expressing themselves. One named James might also try and be the center of attention, or enjoy being put in the limelight. It is also said that someone with that name could be careless with their money, or often reckless. Having an inner desire for a loving and a stable family is another attribute of having this name. In demigod lore, the name is said to possess unmatched charm, and to be seductive with supernaturally large genitalia. Pagan farmers would pray to James as a god of fertility.

James is said to be a loving and kindhearted man with a desire to please, and an attentive desire to make others happy. Easily led astray, but quick to realize they are on the wrong path and try to correct these mistakes. One who has amazing eyes and cares about their spouse so much that they would do anything to please them. This person cares about the ones he loves, and is said that they would be the one to make a great change in someone else's life. One thing is true James is a fantastic name and undoubtedly will be used for ages to come. For more details click on what does my name mean.